Dentistry in Hevíz

The Flavius clinic

The Flavius clinic offers a very personalised service and they are happy to speak with you before you visit Hungary, discuss your requirements and give detailed budgetary pricing. A full range of dental services are provided and the primary dentist, Dr Adam Szoke speaks excellent English. Adam was trained in Germany and is committed to providing excellent service to his English patients.

Hévíz fogászat


The Flavius clinic is well known for providing a wide range of dental implant solutions.

In addition to the traditional 2 piece implants (from BPI - website: www.bpi-implants.com ) which require a typical healing time of between 3 and 6 months, The Flavius clinic also offers single-piece implants, these compression-screws, the ALLFIT KOS-implants (www.implants.com) are comparable with KSI Bauer implants. The process uses a minimally invasive surgical procedure and can be completed and loaded in most cases immediately in one visit (typically 2 weeks).

Both of these systems can be used for all kind of dental treatment like crowns, bridges, bars and for complete tooth replacement.

The third used system at the Flavius clinic is the Sendax MDI Mini implant system (www.imtec.com). This system is especially popular with older people because they are less invasive, need less bone quantity and the recovery time is faster. This technique is ideal for securing the complete lower and upper dental prosthesis in just one visit to Hungary, using the latest technology.

Should I go abroad for dentistry?

At the end of the day only you can decide upon this! Hungary is well known for its quality standards and the service levels are generally exemplary. The Germans and Austrians have been travelling to Héviz for dentistry for years!

However, travelling abroad for dental work can mean repeated trips for some types of work (traditional implants etc.) and ultimately each patient should do their own research and make their own judgement.

If you decide to travel, the only commitment you will have made is your time, airfare and typically the cost of the holiday apartment, Héviz is a lovely place to have a holiday and is only just over 2 hours from London Stansted!

How can I pay the dentist?

Most forms of payment are normally accepted, including credit cards, cash (Hungarian Forint, Euros or Pounds are OK). There is an ATM machine in the town. Payment should be made upon completion of the work. Hévíz fogászat